In process.

Grow old until we're 30 we don´t even think about it, from there on we worry about it. Especially in our society aging as a woman is not pretty. Older men are considered attractive, interesting and sexy, an older woman rarely stands out.

The "Changing skin" project is about the worries and fears that entails and  means the process of changing the skin for a woman. I approached the project in a personal way, telling it through the mother - daughter relationship. A relationship that is probably one of the most complex, closest and most complicated. Our mother is usually our own reflection (at least partial) - we ourselves, in the future. Naturally it means that we observe her, watching the way she conserves, the way she changes to see indexes as we will be in the future.

Changing skin consists of a series of self-portraits in which I partially overlap my mother's skin. It is a project in its beginning, in which I am working without having yet definitive photos. The photos I show here are the first shots to give an idea how the project is conceptualized.