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In this project the story about the loss of a close person takes center stage. When someone dies, a gap is created. We try to fill it with the memories that are often the only thing we have left of the deceased. This gap is between the two portraits. The first photo was taken before the portrayed begins to tell his memories about the deceased person; the second having finished the story. The space between the two images measures according to the duration of the story. In this space there are reminiscences - in bigger or lesser extent. They are the essential remain of the dead people. These memories usually replace the lost person.

Death is still a taboo subject in our society. In general, people do not like to talk about it. "The gap"proposes an approach to this issue, an awareness of the need for people who have lost someone to talk about it. It is important to take care of the memories we have of deceased people, if we do not forget them and with it the deceased too.